Our philosophy

Humans and nature in harmony

The many facets of the 4-Star Hotel Pongauerhof in Flachau result in a harmonious world of relaxation, balance, joy, authenticity and happiness. It’s vacation at its finest in the Salzburg countryside. You are welcomed with charming tradition and a modern, feel-good atmosphere. Our entire Pongauerhof team strives to make your most precious time of the year as unique and unforgettable as possible. We look forward to welcoming you to Flachau during your summer or winter holiday.

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…of the most beautiful time of the year!

Don’t wait for the best time to come – make the best of it now. This is exactly what our team at the Hotel Pongauerhof helps you accomplish. Our entire team at the Hotel Pongauerhof consciously takes time for you and cares for you lovingly and with full passion. Refuel and rejuvenate yourself in the midst of the Salzburg nature.

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…in a world of wellbeing!

Every guest will feel comfortable with us from the very first moment upon arrival at our 4-Star Hotel Pongauerhof in Flachau. We work to create a place of both relaxation and recreation for everyone. Just do what you feel like doing. At your pace, without stress and obligations. Even doing nothing counts as a leisure activity at the Hotel Pongauerhof in the Salzburg countryside.

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…staying active and fit!

Movement and exercise in nature is important for your physical and mental wellbeing. Even a few minutes in the fresh air are enough to significantly improve your mood. You will find plenty of these in Flachau in the province of Salzburg. Whether a relaxing walk or sporty skiing or hiking – on vacation in Flachau you get active.

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…and feast!

For us at Hotel Pongauerhof in Flachau quality meets pure passion. We do not miss the opportunity to spoil you with first-class culinary delights. In our kitchen, the shorter the journey is, the better. We follow our commitment to regionality and freshness with our whole heart. We are committed to the sustainability of the region and aim to show our guests how amazing the food of the Salzburg countryside is.

Your host family

Attentive. Personal. Hearty.

Hosts with heart and passion – this is how we are often described by our guests. In our 4* Hotel Pongauerhof in Salzburger Land we welcome you with the famous Austrian charm and a warm “Grüß Gott”. We offer our guests personal and individual services at the highest level from the moment of arrival to the last day of departure.

Numbers have with us only the rooms! This is a tradition in our house and will continue in the future. We play with the motto “come as a guest, leave as a friend”. The wellbeing of our guests is of particular importance for us as the host family and our entire Pongauerhof team. We want to make your home away from home as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

We work with love and passion to bring our guests closer to the diversity and beauty of the Salzburg region. Our entire team at the Hotel Pongauerhof is ready to provide you with information, have first-class recommendations up their sleeves for you and know the most beautiful excursion destinations in the region. Just ask us – we are happy to help you plan your stay.

Feel anticipation

Impressions from the Pongauerhof

Find your favorite place even before your arrival! Discover our 4* Hotel Pongauerhof from different angles and let us take you on a short vacation! We will make your idea of the perfect holiday a reality.

As the saying goes: a picture is worth a thousand words. Get ready for your holiday with a charm and character incomparable to any other, surrounded by a backdrop of breathtaking mountains and the most beautiful experiences nature has to offer.







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We let pictures speak

Vacation in Salzburg with views that touch the heart. Already in the holiday mood?

Moments that move, inspire, and awaken unforgettable memories. Come with our emotional pictures on a journey through the 4* Hotel Pongauerhof directly in Flachau. Let the images speak to you – as the saying goes: a picture is worth a thousand words.